A Trim Guide for the Ford Mustang Mach-E

March 15th, 2024 by

A person is shown walking from a blue 2024 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT SUV parked on a city curb.

Ford has always gone boldly into the future with innovative features and capabilities. It’s no wonder they are leading the way in the electric vehicle market with their very own battery electric vehicle (BEV) compact SUV. The Mustang Mach-E, which marries the legacy of the Mustang with the innovation of electric vehicles (EVs), is helping the industry forge a new path. Drivers in our neck of the woods are especially enthusiastic about this electric Mustang, as folks in the Bay Area are environmentally conscious and always up on the latest technology.

If you live or work in our neck of the woods and are on the hunt for a Mach-E for sale near Hayward, we’ve got you covered. We have some of the hottest models on the lot and are well-versed in their capabilities and care. If you’re just starting your search, are simply curious, or have your eye specifically on the Ford Mach-E, this trim guide will help you understand the options available to you! Let’s dive into the four different trims available on the Mach-E, the Select, Premium, California Rt 1, and the GT.

Mach-E Select

The base level trim on the Mach-E is called ‘Select.’ With it, you get all the standard functionality, but just because it’s standard doesn’t mean it isn’t impressive! As a BEV, it relies entirely on electric energy to power it. As you might expect with anything with the Mustang nameplate, the Mach-E is smooth and responsive. A 72 kWh Single Motor powers the standard RWD drivetrain, or you can upgrade to a more powerful 72 kWh Dual Motor if you want to equip your Mach-E with eAWD. These give you 266 and 290 hp, respectively, quite an impressive amount for a BEV. You won’t feel sluggish or slow in any Mach-E.

The Mach-E also has an EPA-estimated 250-mile range with a 72kWh battery on the Select. This means fewer stops to “fuel up” and will have you commuting from work with zero issues. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 6.3 seconds and even comes with an available mobile charging cord that you can use no matter where the road takes you. No more fearing running out of juice on a long road trip.

On the outside of the Select, you’ll see that Ford has taken design cues from the classic Mustang aesthetic while nodding to the modern tone of electric vehicles that are currency in vogue. Tri-bar tail lights and an aggressive stance will remind you of the Mustangs of years past, but the smooth slopes of the body and futuristic appeal will ensure you know this is an electric vehicle to be reckoned with. Even on this base trim level, the Mach-E is going to be turning heads.

Other features that come as standard on the Mach-E include a massive 15.5-inch touchscreen with SYNC 4A to connect your smartphone, as well as Ford Co-Pilot360 Technology. This is an advanced suite of driver-assist technologies that help drivers avoid risks and take on the road with more confidence. Example features within the Ford Co-Pilot360 package include a Lane-Keeping System and a Blind Spot Information System. Other pieces of technology include a standard 360-degree camera with a split view and a wireless charging pad so you can keep connected on the road without messing around with cables.

A yellow 2024 Ford Mustang Mach-E is shown charging.

Mach-E Premium

While the Select trim is filled with great features, the Premium trim takes it up a notch with some more upscale features. It focuses on making the driving experience more comfortable and luxurious rather than changing the actual driving mechanics, with one big caveat. The Premium trim on the Mach-E has an available upgrade for drivers to get an Extended-Range Battery with 91kWh usable capacity. When you choose this extended-range battery, you can go up to 310 miles, as estimated by the EPA. This can make a big difference if you frequently drive along the coast, have longer commutes, and want to charge less frequently.

Other enhancements in the Premium trim include an upgraded Bang & Olufsen Sound System, which will allow you to pump out your very own private concert no matter where the road takes you. It also has a panoramic fixed-glass roof and more premium interior appointments. If you choose to add the available Mustang Nite Pony Package, you will get a distinct, dark styling refresh. Think black door badges, a blacked-out Pony emblem adorning the front grille, as well as 19” High Gloss Painted Black Wheels. If anything looks straight out of the Batcave, it’s this trim. For an extra boost of cool, the Premium trim will help set your mood with multi-color ambient interior lighting.

Mach-E California Route 1

Hayward drivers may find themselves inclined toward the California Route 1 trim simply because it’s named for our great state! This trim comes standard with the aforementioned extended-range battery as well as eAWD. It’s designed to be a boosted grade of the standard Mach-E, focusing on efficiency and performance. It comes standard with distinctive 18-inch High-Gloss Black-Painted Aluminum Wheels with Low-Gloss Black Aero Covers to help it stand out. The seats are appointed with ActiveX Seating Material in Black Onyx for extra style.

Mach-E GT

This highest-level trim on the Mach-E gives you the best luxury and performance, all wrapped up in one package. Everything you get with the Premium and California Route 1 trim levels is included plus even more luxurious features. The B&O Sound System with 10 speakers from the Premium trim is back, but so is the eAWD standard capability of the California Route 1 trim. On the GT, you can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in an incredible 3.8 seconds and can travel up to an EPA-estimated 270 miles before you need to recharge, thanks to the 91 kWh Dual Motor it employs.

Black-painted, 20-inch Machined-Face Aluminum wheels come standard on the GT, but with two different available upgrades if those weren’t cool enough for you. You can also add an optional MagneRide Damping System, which uses innovative suspension technology and employs magnetorheological fluid in the shock absorbers to adjust damping rates dynamically. This means that no matter the conditions on the road or how they change during the course of your trip, the GT will give you a smooth ride with exceptional handling. Ford has outdone themselves on the design of the GT, leaving no one in doubt of its prowess and power. Even small details like an instrument panel with aluminum applique add to the appeal of the GT trim.

A blue 2024 Ford Mustang Mach-E is shown driving from a dealer with a Mach-E for sale near Hayward.

Experience the Future of Electric SUVs With the Stunning Ford Mustang Mach-E

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